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Visitor Quotes

January 2020: Volunteerism & Civic Action

My home hospitality engagement was excellent. The family and their friends who they invited to meet us were very accommodating and we shared a lot.

- Mr. Loftus Durand (Dominica)

February 2020: Global Economic Cooperation

Before I arrived in San Antonio, TX, my stereotype was “only cowboys!” there. It completely changed during our stay. I saw a very vibrant, growing and very beautiful state and city. There is great networking. I learned about good business ideas I want to take back home.

- Mr. Mohamed Amine Sdiri (Tunisia)

The home hospitality time was so amazing. I enjoyed it very much coz it give complete idea about American homes, hospitality and we discuss their ideas and thoughts. Thank you!

- Mr. Samir Dabit (Palestine)

The appointments with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, the Bexar County Economic Development, Port San Antonio and UTSA Institute for Economic Development were important for me because I had a chance to learn the business model of institutions and foundations which work on the development and growth of the city. I used to watch it on TV but seeing it in real life was an unforgettable experience.

- Mr. Halil Ibrahim (Turkey)

February 2020: Empowering Youth through Workforce Development

Thank you for putting together a strong program, MUCH APPRECIATED! The meeting with the UTSA was great (both speakers!)

- Ms. Salima Admi (Morocco)

During the home hospitality opportunity, I met Anna Maria, the name will always remain in my heart. I felt a lot of true love with Africa, friendly and humble. I loved all the fantastic food and all the attention she shared with us.

- Mr. Christian Ndonga (Chad)

February 2020: Interfaith Dialogue & Religious Freedom

I didn’t know much about San Antonio; I was pleasantly surprised to see such a diverse community and openness of the organization to cooperate. I wish I could spend more time with the Community Faith-Based Liaison. She was an amazing speaker. Thank you!

- Simon Jacob (Germany)

February 2020: Countering Violent Extremism: Community Strategies

It was quite interesting and fascinating to meet with the family in San Antonio, TX. They could tell more about everyday life in America and provide a good perspective on American culture. Also, the dinner was very delicious!

- Roya Moore (Denmark)

February 2020: Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists: Media Responsibility in the Age of Disinformation

The appointments in San Antonio were very good for me. I saw a spirit of responsible community media which takes an important role to promote local knowledge and grassroots participation that appealed to do the same in my community. Thank you.

- Chhengpor Aun (Cambodia)

February 2020: US Trade Policy

I loved the meeting with representatives of Port San Antonio. They explained the new approaches and changes that are to be taken in today’s trade procedures and promoting external trade which is my area of work. It was effective.

- Ms. Khaoula Gammoudi (Tunisia)

I didn’t know much about Texas or San Antonio beforehand. The meetings and cultural activities have helped greatly in bridging the knowledge gap. THANKS!

- Ms. Michelle Chai Liting (Malaysia)

March 2020: Urban Development & City Planning

It was a pleasant experience in San Antonio. I was coming without any expectations, just really curious about Texas in general. I have heard about Mexican impact and feel in this city. I fell in love with this cozy and very vibrant place (despite the heat and a lot of cars). I would love to come back and will recommend it to all my friends.

- Katerina Yakovets (Ukraine)

March 2020: Small Market Newspapers in the Digital Age

I want to give you especially thank you and your team for all the attention that provided us, both in the logistics and in the content of the local program. It was a very profitable experience for me and my colleagues, with more important meetings than others, but in all cases they were very useful. In addition, we were able to get to know very different meetings, with many contrasts, but which were fascinating from the point of view of our professional and human interest. Once again, many thanks to you and your team for everything.

- Andrés D´Alessandro (Argentina)

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