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Volunteer through Home Hospitality

After a few days of meetings in San Antonio, our visiting delegates look forward to relaxing and enjoying a dinner hosted our SACIV members and volunteers - our Citizen Diplomats.  By welcoming these international visitors into your home, you are building bonds and friendships that reflect positively upon our city and our country.  While these occasions are both fascinating and fun, they are also very important.  By participating as a home hospitality host you will be playing a significant role in our county’s diplomatic process.

There are two ways you can participate in our Home Hospitality opportunities: 


Share Your Home as a Home Hospitality Host:  Welcome one or more visitors into you home for a home-cooked meal with you, your friends, or family. You will be giving our visitors a taste of our food, our culture, and our American hospitality.  Visitors report that these dinners are their favorite parts of their visit and provide the best memories.


Share Your City: Home hospitality does not necessarily mean that all the fun has to happen in your house. You might desire to share our amazing city with visitors; take them to a restaurant, BBQ in the park, a festival, or a rodeo.  When you do this, you are performing the role of a cultural guide. You will love it and our visitors will never forget these special and meaningful experiences.

What to expect as a Home Hospitality host:

Informal: Get to know you guests. Don’t worry about being fancy; just have fun.

Tell us what interests you: Perhaps there is a specific region or topic that fascinates you? Tell us, and we can match your guests to compliment your interests.

Language: When you participate in as a Home Hospitality host, you need not worry about language barriers. While many of our visitors are fluent in English, those that are not are accompanied by interpreters during their visit who ensure successful communication throughout their time in the U.S.. 

Cultural Understanding: Some guests have specific dietary or religious practices which, if you understand these practices, make the event more enjoyable and a learning experience.  We can help you plan for such events if you desire.

Logistics: Transportation will be provided. Visitors will take Ubers from their downtown hotel to your home or specified location and then back again at the end of the evening. 

Would you like to volunteer as one of our Home Hospitality Citizen Diplomats?  Contact us at

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Career and citizen diplomats alike often build the most important bridges while breaking bread!

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