Cecilia Cross - Executive Director 

Having joined the organization in September 2015 as Administrative Assistant, in which she managed a variety of responsibilities including IVLP program coordinator, she took on the new leadership role in May 2015. As dual British & American citizen, an avid world traveler, and a lifelong global learner, Cecilia is proud to consider herself a true citizen diplomat. Her education culminated in a passion for international relations. She attended high school at the International School of the Americas (ISA), where she was active with the Model United Nations team, and the North East School of the Arts (NESA), where she played cello and danced ballet. She went on to attend Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where she graduated in 2012 with a degree in International Studies and an area concentration in the Middle East and North Africa. Her collegiate experience also lead her overseas and across the country. In Paris, France she studied French for a summer; in Rabat, Morocco she studied languages, explored the region, and taught English for a semester; in Amman, Jordan she studied Arabic and interned for a semester under the tutelage of a Jordanian government official; and in Washington, DC, she interned in the International Division of the US Chamber of Commerce for a summer. Before joining SACIV, Cecilia also interned at the Free Trade Alliance San Antonio where she was tasked with a variety of duties ranging from event management to marketing and outreach. She has also been working part-time as a hostess at Biga on the Banks, a fine dining restaurant overlooking the San Antonio Riverwalk, for three years. Cecilia’s passion for introducing visitors to San Antonio, along with her experience in the hospitality & service industry and her work through SACIV, recently lead her to become a “Certified Tourism Ambassador” for the city.

Tanzila "Tania" Kayumova - Program Coordinator 

Tania Kaiumova, Program Coordinator, has more than 10 years of experience in coordinating international events and programs both abroad and in the U.S. Her passion is creating and maintaining meaningful, long-term relationships both in business and personally. She graduated from the Ukrainian National University with a Master’s Degree in International Business where she was running several public events promoting regional business awareness in the European and Russian markets. She did this in her work for the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ukraine. In this capacity, she organized business trips abroad for local businesses and worked to increase the attraction of investors to that industrial area in Ukraine. She considers herself a “mediator” between different cultures, helping people to establish mutual understanding and find safe environments to discuss and exchange experiences. Ms. Kaiumova is gaining a broad understanding about San Antonio and its communities and works to assist international visitors to see the best sides of its rich history, to have genuine learning experiences and to find opportunities for international friendships.