Our members are the heart and soul of SACIV


Though they come from all walks of life - representing diverse experiences, expertise, and backgrounds - all of our members share an interest in cross-cultural relations and international issues. SACIV offers the unique opportunity for everyday individuals to interact with and learn from international delegates, many of whom are visiting the United States for the first time.

General Membership

As an SACIV Member you are able to:


  • Host visitors for home hospitality meals at your home or favorite restaurant.

  • Attend various members-only receptions and social events (including speaker series, mixers, luncheons, and more) for international visitors and the San Antonio international community where you can network with like-minded professionals and citizen diplomats.

  • Escort visitors to a sporting event, cultural activity, or tour of our city.

  • Become a professional resource by meeting with international visitors and exchanging ideas on a variety of issues.

  • Help visitors use free time constructively and experience American life in San Antonio.

  • Serve as a programming volunteer and help plan upcoming programs.

  • Receive our "World View" Newsletter and other publications.

  • Support the diplomatic goals of the United States through public diplomacy.

  • Promote our city and state as a welcoming destination for international visitors.

  • Learn from leading international experts about critical global, current issues affecting our region and the world.

  • Cultivate relationships with international leaders all over the world and develop contacts to utilize when you travel abroad.

  • Share our cultural values with visiting international dignitaries.

  • Forge meaningful friendships with individuals from across the globe that will last a lifetime! 

Home Hospitality

After a few days of appointments, our visiting delegates truly enjoy relaxing and having dinner in the homes of American citizens.  This is where they learn what the true American is all about -- how they live.

​Many times international visitors report that the best memories they have of their trip to the U.S. is the home hospitality they have experienced with the members of regional Councils for International Visitors.  It's just as fulfilling for the host family.

SACIV is always in need of members willing to participate in Home Hospitality. If you'd like to host an international visitor, let us know, especially if there is a region of the world or topic of study that is of interest to you, your friends, or your colleagues.


Home Hospitality or even hosting a dinner out a favorite local restaurant is a great opportunity for meaningful dialogue and person-to-person cultural exchange. Career and citizen diplomats alike often build the most important bridges while breaking bread!

Corporate Membership
Corporate members play an important role in keeping San Antonio on the roster of influential American cities designed for international visitors by the US State Department. Membership also allows for unique access to up-and-coming global leaders and an opportunity to share information, ideas and best practices in areas of economic development, science and technology, human rights, public safety, accountability, and much more. Additionally, Corporate Members are a spotlight feature in each of our Newsletters, which are distributed to our members, resources, and many internationally- minded offices, organizations, and individuals around San Antonio.

Membership Benefits

Link your business to our international network!
  • Meet with professional counterparts from around the world.
  • Develop relationships with individuals in other countries.

  • Network with globally minded individuals, including our international

visitors, our local members, and other important community leaders. 



Enhance your companies’ brand awareness and marketing campaign with your logo & company description and/or link:

  • In our Newsletter

  • In our promotional materials

  • On our website

  • On our various social media outlets

  • On display at our events

  • In the “Welcome Packets” distributed to our visitors 


Opportunities for involvement and participation: 

  • Receive discounted rates OR free admission (for up to three representatives from your company) to our events, available only to Corporate Members.

  • Attend private events, such as speaker series or receptions, with leading international dignitaries at globally minded members of the community.

  • Engage employees with volunteer opportunities.

  • Participate on a committee and help shape the future of SACIV! 


  • Increase your visibility in the local international affairs community while providing support to our organization.

  • Sponsor an event.

  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship by helping us reach our goals! 

  • Promote San Antonio as an international city while fostering economic development.


Join Us!

Membership Fees


Individual......... $30