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Emeritus Board


Irma Reyes

In Memoriam: 1933-2022 

Irma Reyes' contribution to citizen diplomacy began in 1971 when as a Scout leader she coordinated Scouting exchanges between Mexico and San Antonio. Her formal citizen diplomacy work began in 1977 as a volunteer for the Visitor's program. In 1989 she was one of the founders of the San Antonio Council for International Visitors. Since its inception, Irma's tireless efforts and contagious smile have welcomed thousands of U.S. Department of State's international visitors to San Antonio. In addition to providing many opportunities for cultural and business exchanges, Irma's efforts are an example of excellence in citizen diplomacy. Many of the visitors still remain in contact with Irma today. She has been active with many community organizations including Catholic Charities, Refugee Resettlement, and the Women’s and Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, Free Trade Alliance, the City of San Antonio's Zoning Commission and Cable Advisory Board. Irma is one of the three founders of SACIV. 

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