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Home Hospitality


After a few days of appointments, our visiting delegates truly
enjoy relaxing and having dinner in the homes of American citizens. 
This is where they learn what the true American is all about - how they live.

Many times international visitors report that the best memories they have of their trip to the U.S. is the home hospitality they have experienced with the members of regional Councils for International Visitors.  It's just as fulfilling for the host family.​

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SACIV is always in need of members willing to participate in Home Hospitality. If you'd like to host an international visitor, let us know, especially if there is a region of the world or topic of study that is of interest to you, your friends, or your colleagues. Home Hospitality or even hosting a dinner out a favorite local restaurant is a great opportunity for meaningful dialogue and person-to-person cultural exchange. 

Career and citizen diplomats alike often build the most important bridges while breaking bread!

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