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Emeritus Board

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Ann Huynh

Ann Nguyen is an international trade & foreign direct investment consultant with 13 years of extensive professional experience in public and private sector. She provides the consulting services for global expansion of the Southeast Asian companies to the U.S. and the U.S. companies seeking expansion to Vietnam. Previously, Ann provided market research, business development, and capital mobilization consulting services to companies operating in Vietnam. Before entering the private sector, Ann worked for the U.S. Embassy in Vietnam and encouraged foreign direct investment in Vietnam as the head of international cooperation for a local government, where she developed foreign investment guidelines and conducted investment project preparation. Ann has received multiple awards by the Vietnamese provincial government as well as by the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam for her contribution to investment promotion of Vietnam and U.S. - Vietnam bilateral cooperation. Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, Ann earned bachelor’s degrees in English and business administration in Vietnam and currently completing her MBA at University of Business and International Studies University in Geneva, Switzerland Besides, as a professional master of ceremony (M.C.), she has facilitated hundreds of international and local conferences in business and other industries, all prominent and well-attended events in Vietnam. She is keen on exploring multi-cultures, connecting the dots globally and foster cultural understanding.  

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