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January 4, 2020


Addressing the Needs of Underserved & At-Risk Youth

The meetings met my professional objectives. I wish the meetings would have been longer than just an hour.” 

  • Ms. Tatiana Lariza Romeo Fonseca (Mexico)

All the meetings absolutely met my expectations; they were different and innovative with approaches on how to help at-risk youth and/or their families in disadvantaged areas.” 

  • Ms. Vinka Valdivia (Mexico)


US Trade Policy

I enjoyed home hospitality very much, our host was fantastic!

  • Mr. Bernard Egger (Austria)

I was positively surprised how San Antonio organized support to companies and its economic and industrial progress.” 

  • Ms. Nina Pobric (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“I had no idea about San Antonio and it is a very friendly, interesting, and tasty city!” 

  • Mr. Raz Hillman (Israel)

“It was an amazing experience home hospitality. I enjoyed it a lot and I felt at home with a lot of care, generosity, and kindness.” 

  • Ms. Amani Hassona (Palestine)


Energy Security

“I knew about Texas and San Antonio from the Internet, but now I like San Antonio even more.”

  • Mr. Seiichiro Kimura, PhD (Japan)

“I really enjoyed the dinner hospitality and the conversation with the host and his friends, as well as the ‘tour’ of his house and pottery factory. Our host was so kind to offer some pieces of his artwork as a gift.”

  • Ms. Mika Kodo (Japan)


21st Century Change Makers

“I participated in home hospitality and was lucky to meet a very interesting and friendly couple with rich professional and travel experiences. I've learnt so much and practiced what American hospitality means. Wonderful experience!”

  • Ms. Daniela Pachemska (Republic of North Macedonia)

“The meetings were definitely great. I was so happy to meet with the professor from UTSA and the representatives from CyberTexas and Rackspace. I talked to them and asked questions. It was excellent.” 

  • Mr. Daniel Vetter (Hungary)

“During our visit to the International School of Americas, we saw a tremendous commitment from the professors. It is the detail that will remain in my memory forever.” 

  • Mr. Tomas Volny (Slovakia)


Strengthening the Capacity of Government Spokespersons to Handle Disinformation

“The home hospitality dinner was a wonderful experience. The hosts were kind and opened to talk about their lives, and I told them about my country too.” 

  • Ms Makhabat Mamatova (Kyrgyzstan)

“I wanted to thank the organization and coordinator for such a wonderful program. It was very helpful and I hope to welcome you in my country.” 

  • Ms. Elmira Sheripova (Kyrgyzstan)


Next Generation Energy Technologies and Efficient Resource

I didn't know much about San Antonio, but to me it has a Latin feel. I loved the Mexican food and some amazing restaurants for meat eaters. La Dia de los Muertos was a surprising experience! The city center is very pretty and walkable, the Riverwalk is truly gorgeous. This is a city of many different cultures.” 

  • Ms. Nina Lucie Chini (France )


Entrepreneurship 101

I wish we could have stayed in San Antonio longer!” 

  • Ms. Olga Kizeeva (Russia)

I had some ideas about San Antonio, but it changed during my stay. There is safety and order here and the government is very helpful for businesses development. I was inspired by this place.” 

  • Ms. Alexandra Rodina (Russia)


US Foreign Policy Decision Making

“All appointments were effective in the way that we understood how the State of Texas and City of San Antonio work with immigrants and refugees, the support from communities, the government support of small businesses, and the schools preparing students to engage into foreign affairs experiences.” 

  • Ms. Taif Kadash (Saudi Arabia)


Integration of Immigrants & Refugees

I had a wonderful dinner with members of SACIV, Brant and Louise. The evening was a great opportunity for me to discuss different topics with them and to discover about different aspects of the American way of life. Thanks a lot, to both of them!” 


- Ms. Funny Ruinart (France)


“I had no idea about San Antonio, but it is a nice city. All the meetings and activities allowed me to understand the local history.” 

  • Dr. Fabrice David Bizet (France)


Military Veterans Support & Advocacy

“The home hospitality dinner was well organized with a great professor, researcher, and military veteran. We had a lot of topics to discuss and talk about. We also tried Mexican food, which was a great cultural experience!” 

  • Mr. Valery Yegorov (Ukraine)


Administering an Immigration System & Adjudicating Requests for Immigration Benefits

“I had new and useful experiences in San Antonio and I will use this in my future work. This city is so nice and has hospitable people.” 

  • Mr. Arturas Gromovas (Lithuania)

The meetings were informative. It will be useful to improve Lithuanian’s important procedures and to share about the procedures in the US with colleagues back at home. Thank you!” 

  • Ms. Lucija Voisnis (Lithuania )

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