Visitors' Quotes

August 20, 2019

Women & Entrepreneurship

"The appointments were very interesting and gave me in-depth understanding of crossings between business and science. Also, Geekdom was on the top meetings with their demo and practical example. The home hospitality was awesome as we discussed all current matters regarding economy, politics, culture, lifestyle in both of our countries." - Ms. Dajana Dzindo (Bosnia & Herzegovina)


"All meetings were so interesting, each one has a special benefit for me and adds something new and I know more professional people now. I gained wider knowledge about women entrepreneurs in developed societies that are concerned with the issues of women and their projects in terms of its importance in developing and strengthening the economy of the country. I haven't had any idea about the city except that it was near Mexican border. Now I am too happy that I have had a chance and visited the most amazing city!"- Ms. Muneera Lazim Sachit Naseer (Iraq)


Interfaith Dialogue & Religious Freedom

"Our appointments were so useful, they opened great prospects for me and I personally saw the actual steps of merciful actions."

- Mr. Tarig Mohamed Ibrahim Alimam (Sudan)


Economic Revitalization Through Public-Private Partnerships

"Most of the meetings were relevant and I learned a lot about US culture in general."

- Mr. Antonio Barisic (Croatia)


"It was very interesting to learn all about the different approaches; the pleasant surprise was to learn about a lot of services that Europeans would consider to be in the government's domain to provide are actually provided by the private sector here. This visit gave me the opportunity to recognize a rich identity of the city. I also became a basketball fan!"

- Mr. Joost Michail Van Keulen (Netherlands)


"I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn on different levels: professional, cultural and personal. This program was a great success"

- Mr. Alessandro Marchetti (Italy)


US State & Local Government

"Every meeting had something interesting to consider and learn, how community would work together (Alamo example). I loved the city (I was several times in Houston) but this city has a lot to offer, its rich culture, people are so kind, history, Latin American community."

- Ms. Guadalupe Fernandez (Argentina)


"We had a very good experience in San Antonio interacting with American people and with culture. We made a lot of activities as visiting the missions, going to a NBA game, and also home hospitality was an amazing experience."

- Ms. Hoi Man Yuen (Hong Kong)


"The appointments met my professional objectives, they gave a thorough understanding of how state and local governments cooperate and interact with the federal government, and moreover it shed light on the innovative approaches how to grow economy."

- Ms. Ayman Naimat (Jordan)


Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists

"My home hospitality was a very pleasant and culturally rich experience. I was very welcomed!"

- Mr. Maximiliano Camargo De Oliveira (Brazil)


"We had very frank conversations at all our meetings, it was a firsthand knowledge in how TPR covers sensitive issues and how KENS structure their news. Thank you for the amazing experience in San Antonio, loving the colors and vibe in the city!"

- Mr. Jeffvinder Singh Sandhu Rusbal Singh (Malaysia)


"I could connect to this city more than the others. It feels so close to home. The best part of the San Antonio city is extremely warm and generous people!"

- Mr. Hariharan Sekaripuram Anandaraman (India)


Small Business & Entrepreneurship Development

"Our meetings were more than I expected because now I have a better perspective, tools and support contacts to be able to grow and train small businesses in my home country."

- Ms. Daniela Guadalupe Leon Losoya (Mexico)


"The appointments were excellent and every meeting was very interesting for my professional activity and so helpful for future design of my programs and I'll apply these knowledges and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Oaxaca."

- Mr. Porfirio de Jesus Santiago Santaella (Mexico)


Regional Responses to Inter-American Migration Issues            

"Our favorite meeting was with Colonies North Elementary School where we heard happy stories and also difficult and tragic situations where the results aren't as hoped. Excellent best practices for integrating children into schools."

- Ms. Diana Gomez Munoz (Peru)


21st Century Change Makers     

"The meetings were very inspiring, though they were not directly connected with my work I could still learn about the importance to give back to your community and how to offer diverse opportunities for the youth and others in the society. Thank you for a great program and hospitality. I am looking forward to come to SA, TX again!"

- Ms. Tjasa Bozic (Slovenia)


"I got inspired on how to tackle similar issues that I am working on for instance mobilizing youth voters."

- Mr. Cosmin Pojoranu (Romania)


"I am very happy that I had the chance to be a part of this program and enhance personally and professionally. I am looking forward to sharing with you all the ideas that I am going to put into practice in my country very soon!"

- Ms. Fitore Misini (Kosovo)


Open World Rumsfeld Fellows: Economic Development          

"I gained knowledge in policy the companies implement in their work that I can organize or develop at home. I am grateful for such a program, I met such great people, we really appreciated staying with you. Wish you good luck in your future programs."

- Ms. Maral Ilyasova (Turkmenistan)


"The home hospitality was the best part of my experience. I am really thankful!"

- Ms. Jenny Jenish (Kyrgyzstan)


"The meetings were very helpful, speakers were very open and explained models of their work with very clear and interesting approach."

- Mr. Nurtas Janibekov (Kazakhstan)


Regional Responses to Refugee and Migration Issues   

"I enjoyed home hospitality very much as it is eye-opening way to peck into the like and thoughts of normal citizen. The generosity and hospitality amaze me every time."

- Mr. Sami Isoniemi (Finland)


"It is very interesting to meet people who are not staff members to get a sense of what is going on in the US."

- Mr. Hakan Demir (Germany)


"I enjoyed home hospitality a lot, our hosts were very friendly and nice, we had a great discussion."

- Ms. Valentina Fabbri (Italy)


The Contemporary US Economy             

"All the meetings were just right for this program. The most interesting meeting was with the representatives of UTSA Downtown Campus, their programs were inspiring and great. Home hospitality was unique as I could learn more about real life of Texas family."

- Mr. Zvonimir Novak (Croatia)


"Our meetings were productive with a lot of useful information. We saw how the economic community is doing business and how the cooperation is established between the federal and local level. I would highly rate this program in San Antonio."

- Ms. Nina Vukotic (Montenegro)


"This program was amazing as I could meet with the representatives of the local Bank - Frost. The participation in home hospitality was one of the most fascinating parts of this program. It is the best way to get more profound knowledge about the local culture. It also provided deeper understanding about Texas."

- Mr. Ion Josan (Moldova)


Texas is great! I will recommend to all my friends!!!!

- Mr. Mateusz Walczak (Poland)


Where Government Meets the People                

All our appointments and activities in San Antonio met my professional objectives. I am excited to share them in my country.

- Mr. Kyaw Zaya (Burma)


Combatting Trafficking in Persons I

"The appointments were useful especially with the Human Trafficking Persecutor and Task Force where I learned about their work, experience and the way they conduct their investigations."

- Ms. Rosa Ohama (Peru)


"I learned about the experience from different organizations in San Antonio while combating human trafficking including laws, best practices and challenges that we all share."

- Ms. Michelle Segura (Belize)


Sustaining Cybersecurity

"Thank you to San Antonio Council for International Visitors for their work and program. Much success to your organization!"

- Ms. Angelo Buenviaje (Philippines)


"The most interesting meetings for me were with representatives of Rackspace and Texas A&M University San Antonio. It is amazing how San Antonio prepares particularly the students to become experts in the field of cybersecurity. It is no wonder it produces the best and the brightest generation of cyber security professionals."

- Mr. Harry Lorenzo (Philippines)


US Foreign Policy: Global Challenges                   

"I didn't know what to expect! And it was really super!!!"

- Ms. Larisa Brown (United Kingdom)


"Visit to San Antonio helped me to have much better understanding of the situation of Latin American population in the US and about border security. I met with two Latino American women; it was wonderful!"

- Mr. Michael Kovacic (Slovakia)


Combating Trafficking in Persons II     

"I really, really enjoyed home hospitality; I will never forget my new family far away from home. It was sooo good finally to have a homemade meal and warm conversations after a week of being away from home."

- Ms. Malyia Rudolph (Marshall Islands)


"The most interesting situation in San Antonio as well as in the USA is that every decision comes from bottom. That is from community and government offices and politicians are here to do whatever community wants to do. It is great hope for us."

- Mr. Sugath Amarsinha (Sri Lanka)


Responsible Municipal Management

"San Antonio meetings helped in understanding various successful and practical solutions that we also face in our home country. Though, I would love to see more projects that connect urban agencies."

- Ms. Nishaa Ishtiak (Pakistan)


"This trip showed me different perspectives on history of Texas. People are very friendly and smiling all the time."

- Mr. Jamil Ahmed (Pakistan)

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