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January 31, 2019

Global Economic Cooperation
“In San Antonio, I found that there is a dynamic economy and a lot of effort to keep it on track.”
-Bassem Hfaiedh (Tunisia)

“It was great to meet our host who also invited friends to meet and dine with us. It gave a personal touch to San Antonio.”
-Akintunde Oyebode (Nigeria)

“My knowledge of San Antonio was very limited. During my stay and from the interactions with different people what I learned is the city’s drive and determination to excel and grow.”
-Sudip Bhaju (Nepal)

“Home hospitality was an amazing experience. My hosts were great people and very engaging. The meal was great too!”
-Barima Kwame Gyesaw (Ghana)

Youth & Civic Activism
“I thought Texas was more like a place full of ranches and cowboys just as I was used to seeing in Western movies, but San Antonio is a modern city with so many nice and historical sites to visit.”
-Ragnimwende Eldaa Koama (Burkina Faso)

“Haven for Hope was amazing and also getting to meet teachers and students at the International School of the Americas was something I’ll never forget . . . I am an educator and meeting with other teachers and hearing what works for them gave me a perspective on what I can do in my classroom. Furthermore, getting to know students and seeing what their passion is was a beautiful experience as well.”

-Ruth Gonzalez (Paraguay)

Preserving Endangered Cultural Heritage Sites
“The professional appointments were useful to understand protecting cultural heritage and raising awareness of research to improve tourism and
sustainable development.”
-Aram Mohammed Amin Ahmed (Iraq)

US Government & Society
“These appointments met my objectives, because they provided the opportunity to learn about elections at the national, state, and city levels; to know how to empower women and young voters to participate in politics; and to understand how to protect the rights and interests of immigrants with different backgrounds.”
-Juan Wang (China)

Advancing Regional Tourism
“The process leading to World Heritage status and how people collaborate and cooperate were very helpful for me, because I’m currently in the same situation. I also liked having information from various people with different perspectives . . . San Antonio is not really famous in Japan, but I felt that there are many cultural resources and now I know why it’s popular as a tourist destination!”
-Harumi Tokuoka (Japan)

Current US Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders
“It was my first time in Texas and San Antonio. I found a vibrant city, culture, and history: a mix of peoples that creates a unique city.”
-Sergio Nazzaro (Italy)

Improving Cyber Security Across Our Border
“Meeting the Air Force officers was very insightful! Especially because it is really hard (or impossible) to meet these people outside of the program.”
-Karine Pontbriand (Canada)

“I visited San Antonio over 10 years ago. Amazed at the economic and population growth!”
Jeremy DePow (Canada)

Civic Education for Youth
“The appointment met my professional objectives. They were a great source of reflection and inspiration for me to use in my future work. Because of it, I’m preparing a new project for civic education for youth in the next year.”
-Sylwia Gajownik (Poland)

Open World Program: Government Funding & Oversight of Educational Institutions
“It was very pleasant that the organizers took care of the professional experience of each participant in the program. I personally appreciate the fact that in addition to the main theme, inclusion and access to educational services for students with disabilities and special needs was included. And also, thank you for the opportunity to ask additional questions on these topics.”
-Lesia Valiaieva (Ukraine)


“All the appointments were extremely interesting, useful and full of new information. I was able to ask different questions and clarify all the information while talking to the representative. I work in the sphere of higher education, so I was extremely interested in the mechanisms of quality assurance in both secondary and higher education. I was pleasantly surprised by how open and easy to talk to all the guests/hosts during the meetings were and how patient they were answering all of our questions.”

-Yana Chapailo (Ukraine)

NGOs & Civic Activism
“I would say I wish I had more time to spend in San Antonio, but it would never be enough, would it?
-Sila Samuel Mulwa (Kenya)

“I participated in the hospitality program an met a really friendly and amazing couple. I learnt a lot about the history of San Antonio and enjoyed the amazing hospitality.”
-Musenge Musomali (Zambia)

“As we got around the city and we had another view of the city through ‘home hospitality,’ it gave another taste of the American language, history, and culture.”
-Tarik El Gana (Morocco)

Addressing Refugee & Migration Challenges in the US
“I had never heard anything about San Antonio during my previous visits to the U.S. I believe that San Antonio is a great place to experience Latin cuisine and the American life style. I loved it!”
-Yelda Gungor (Turkey)

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