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July 23, 2018


Global and Regional Responses to Refugee & Migration Issues


“All of the appointments were really helpful and interesting to me, especially cross-border and border patrol activities… I found a deep understanding of a range of issues, especially migration issues.”

           -Sayed Rohullah Hashimi (Afghanistan)


“All appointments met my professional objectives from various perspectives. Not only reflecting local people’s point of view on immigration but also meeting the theme of our program… I have realized that Texan people have an open mind to others and know how to live together with others.”

           – Ara Moon (South Korea)


“The diversity in San Antonio and in Texas gives an example of how to manage complex situations and make the community very active.”

          -Ziad El Sayegh (Lebanon)


Global Economic Cooperation


“The appointments definitely helped strengthen my understanding of American business growth.”

          -Nik Azan Shah Reza Nik Abdul Rashid (Malaysia)


US State and Local Governments for Emerging African Leaders


“The home hospitality was very interesting. I discussed with them about the political and social situations in my country.”

          -Sekou Bah (Mali)


“I noted that San Antonio is an old city undergoing urban regeneration and transformation.”

          -Atwine Kanuniira Moses (Uganda)


“All appointments enabled me to have deeper insight into how local governance systems can be better managed.”

          -Jack Zaba (Zimbabwe)


Foreign Policy and Human Rights


“We went to Steffanie Gibbon’s house, and she was an amazing host. She prepared a nice homemade meal and let us know more about her life.”

          -Emilio Maldonado (Chile)


“My home hospitality family was nice, and I had an opportunity to see people who have a very different viewpoint from mine and from the majority of those we had met so far.”

          -Natalia Jaliashvili (Georgia)


“Home hospitality was very nice and pleasant. Rita and Thomas Heck were very good hosts. I love the dinner they prepared as well as their company.”

          -Nina Miskovic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)


Resilient Cities: Urban Sustainability


“When it comes to San Antonio, I didn’t know much about the city. I loved it. Right from the people, to the interesting initiatives, to tourism as well as the culture.”

          -Kamlakak Rao Dabburi (India)


“I expected San Antonio to have real water issues and not much culture. I was wrong on both accounts.”

          -Murali Ramakrishnan (Malaysia)


Sustainable Development: Tourism and Economics


“This program was very important especially to more developing countries because we are learning different things that can help us to develop our country as tourist destinations.”

          -Gabaineele Modirapula (Botswana)


“I could learn how communities are organized and involved in culture and tourism promotion. I do appreciate the way the city council is organized in the promotion of the city.”

          -Wilfried Zango (Burkina Faso)


“It was a very nice time we had in San Antonio. Very pleasant people and a beautiful city.”

          -Aytan Aliyeva (Azerbaijan)


Energy Security and its Role in Economic Development


“I had an idea of a beautiful city, but I met and enjoyed a miracle: wonderful city and wonderful citizens with a lot of good foods.”

          –Burim Gerguri (Kosovo)


New Broadcasting: Creating Media Content


“I had never been to San Antonio before. It’s an amazing city. I’ll try to visit with my family again!”

          -Aliya Babayeva (Kazakhstan)


US Foreign Policy for Journalists


“Home hospitality was the best experience of the program. Ms. Louise Mandel and Mr. Brant Mittler were amazing people.”

          -Dinesh Akula (India)


“I got an in-depth perspective on the city’s initiatives for investment and progress, illegal immigration problems and solutions, policing, and media’s role in all of this. It will be useful for reporting and analysis in the future.”

          -Kadambini Bhangu (India)


“I had a rough idea about Texas but not San Antonio. Now that I have been here, it seems to be a lively place full of warm people.”

          -Kadambini Bhangu (India)


“I enjoyed home hospitality very much. Hosts had gone through a lot of effort to welcome us. They were very polite and interactive. Our discussion covered a range of issues.”

          -Ramesh Tiwari (India)

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