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November 22, 2016

American Youth: Inspiring Leadership & Civic Participation


“The appointments met my professional objectives and were very useful. I learned a lot of important information that will be useful for my NGO and other work… I didn’t know much about San Antonio but after my visit, the city is one of my favorite places.”

- Zhassulan Serikov (Kazakhstan)


“Great organization, people, and state. Thank you!”

- Alexandr Verstanov (Kazakhstan)


Trafficking in Persons


“The appointments perfectly met my professional objectives… I didn’t have any ideas about Texas or San Antonio before my arrival but now my perspective is so positive and I feel the kindness and hospitality of the community.”

- Harismen (Indonesia)


“I enjoyed the home hospitality component of the program. I could share many things with the host, especially the ongoing issues in each respective country, and also other interesting topics.”

- Ahmad Khumaidi Muhamad Jahdi (Indonesia)


“I really enjoyed home hospitality. It was very interesting and memorable and the host was friendly, polite, and communicative.”

- Tria Rosalina Budi Rahayu (Indonesia)


Current US Political, Economic, and Social Issues


“The appointments met my professional objectives, which was to get an overview in various fields. This was clearly achieved through the program… I had lots of clichés in my head about San Antonio and Texas before my arrival. Some of them I found confirmed but I also got to learn a lot about the wonderful state and it’s people.”

- Alex Schiemann (Germany)


Economic Development, Tourism, and Environmental Protection in the US


“The appointments met the professional objectives of the visitors. There was lots of great information for the visitors to take back to Indonesia and it was very eye-opening for them.”

- Shawn Callanen (Interpreter)


Free Trade Agreement Implementation


“Home hospitality was fantastic, the host was so kind!”

- Tae Hyoung Kim (South Korea)


“Home hospitality was wonderful! The host was so very kind and carefully listened to what I said. The food was excellent.”

- Kwan Woo Kim (South Korea)


“I was surprised by the kindness of my home hospitality host and her care and through her, I am pleased to understand the culture, history, and art of San Antonio.”

- Kwan Il Lee (South Korea)


“Honestly, I didn’t have any special ideas about Texas before, but now, I see how attractive and historic San Antonio is.

- Jihye Yoon (South Korea)


Engaging Youth Through Music


“I didn’t have any ideas about Texas or San Antonio before, but I was pleasantly surprised by the culture.”

- Aida Oulmou (Algeria)


“I didn’t expect such an active art & music scene in Texas, at least not to this extent, but I am so glad to have a new perspective on that. Thank you so much for all the effort and the great opportunities you made happen!”

- Ahmed Mohamed Zeidan (Egypt)


Political Activism, Community Organizing, Lobbying, & Campaigns


“Everyone in Texas is so kind and their hospitality is so warm!”

- Khoirunnisa Nur Agustyati (Indonesia)


“I enjoyed the dinner with SACIV and met some people from various backgrounds and was able to discuss lots of things with them. I learned about American culture, politics, and democracy.”

- Ilham Saputra (Indonesia)


WEAmericas Program for Women Entrepreneurs


“I really enjoyed the dynamics of the meetings and everyone I met! We participated in the mixer and it was fun to meet a bunch of people on the same day. Everyone was open and reached out to talk to us.”

- Belen Alvarez Toledo (Argentina)


“I discovered an amazing city and most of all amazing and lovely people in San Antonio!”

- Romina Gleria (Argentina)


“San Antonio was really great. The agenda was prepared in a way that allowed us to discover and meet good contacts for future plans. Sessions were planned in a better way compared to other cities.”

- Fatima Rocha (Mexico)


“I enjoyed the mixer at La Fonda on Main. I truly loved the opportunity to converse w


ith many people in the community and get to know a little more about the culture and customs of Texas.”

- Laura Garcia (Cuba)


“Thank you for the amazing experience!”

 - Karen Gonzalez Hernandez (Guatemala)


“Congratulations on program, it was a total success, so thank you very much!”

- Nibeth Mena Mamani (Bolivia)




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