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Board of Directors


Jill Metcalfe 

Jill Metcalfe is the founder of Anexko, a consulting firm that offers business guidance specializing in cross border investments. For 23 years, Jill was the International Business Representative for the City of San Antonio, Texas in Mexico, including Mexico City, where 80% of corporate business headquarters are located. She organizes Trade Missions for San Antonio Businesses and sends Mexican businesses to San Antonio for investment, connections and development. Jill is fully bicultural American/Mexican with complete fluency in Spanish and offers her business experience based on her ten years as a Financial Advisor in Mexico, a former small business owner, former President of the Board of Directors of the Association of U.S. State Offices in Mexico (ASOM) and currently as Vice President of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Mexico. Her acumen allows her to share insight into the Mexican business arena to ensure San Antonio entrepreneurs have the information they need to obtain results they seek. Jill has structured a network of known accountant’s lawyers’ customs brokers human resource and government contacts as well as former co workers in a variety of fields in a host of different industries on both sides of the border, specializing in cross border networking. Understanding that on both sides of the border the only objective in business is results.

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